What are you like?

Being a leader looks good on you: you’re a focused Collie.

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Wise, Organized—as a team member, is intelligent, focused, and committed to getting the job done. They naturally excel in leadership positions and are comfortable guiding others and delegating work when needed.


  • Sees possibilities
  • Generates ideas and identifies themes or trends
  • Devises systems
  • Logical and objective about work initiatives
  • Open to challenges and enjoys exploring questions
  • Results oriented
  • Proactive

Blind Spots

May decide or close a discussion too quickly; ignores others ideas or suggestions; may push too hard for taking action; may miss nuance and details; may miss opportunities to be flexible.


  • Logical
  • Decisive
  • Planful
  • Tough
  • Critical
  • Straightforward
  • Fair
  • Independent
  • Critical
  • Systems-minded
  • Autonomous

Your next Steps!

Learn to read your audience to determine when to flex responses and guidance. How do you balance the need for analyzing which tasks to do and facilitate innovative strategies to achieve those tasks? Plan to achieve both in your process with the group.

  • Develop a range of facilitation strategies to be able to use the tactic most appropriate to a given audience
  • LLearn the art of asking open-ended questions that foster a dialogue
  • Regularly check-in with the group to verify understanding
  • Summarize discussions to create a consensual understanding of both the process and structure of the creative process