The Pack Solves Problems
When Everyone Uses
Their Strengths


All team members can participate in each stage as long as
each breed trait/disciplines is followed through the process.

or opportunity


A problem or (opportunity) is anything needing a creative solution decided by the team or individual.




Ideas only, no editing or criticism

“Don’t kill my vibe, right now I just want to chase ball.”


No Idea is wrong at this stage.

“It seemed like a good idea to chew up his shoe.”

Issues with


Ideas and solutions are edited for factual issues associated with the ideas and sent back to be solved.

“I don’t have time with frivolous games such as ball chasing.”

The Solution

No more issues are found and a solid solution is agreed upon by the pack or the pack leader


Golden Retriever

At this point there should only be the execution to focus on.

“We don’t want to be distracted by what color the fence is when herding sheep.”



Given the depth of the work to execute the plan members are brought in to help execute the plan

“We don’t want to be distracted by what color the fence is when herding sheep.”

Account Executive

Usually in a hurry. Bringing multiple marketing problems to solve or as we are taught as ad peeps, marketing opportunities. Always with tight deadlines doesn’t like frivolous playing around.

Bulldog - Steadfast, Stubborn

A Bulldog team member is eager, motivated and confident. They like the tried and true method to problem solve. While bulldogs are extremely reliable and spirited, they sometimes struggle with criticism/critique and can be a little moody/emotional.

Creative Director

A social animal and and brilliant tactician, creative directors are multifaced. Allowing just enough rope for the creative to lean over new territory without falling into the abyss

Collie - Wise, Organized

A Collie team member is intelligent, focused and committed to getting the job done. They naturally excel in leadership positions and are comfortable guiding others and delegating work when needed.


Art directors and copywriters see the world as their communication playground. With no fear of the weird, the outrageous, or the embarrassing, they often are absorbed in play and strong coffee.

Terrier - Creative, Exploitative

A Terrier team member is imaginative, enjoys the creative process and can be relied upon to offer new ideas and concepts. While they work well within a team setting, they generally prefer to work independently and are responsible with time management.

Project Manager

Very comfortable and happy helping everyone with the task at hand. Possesses a pretty even balance between left brained and right brained qualities, making it easy for this person to receive information from the creative, digest it, and then make plans to execute with those ready to check off tasks.

Golden Retriever - Pleaser, Easygoing, Likeable

A Golden Retriever is pleasant to work with and understands the nuances of both the creative mind as well as the logical, problem-solving mind. This makes the Golden a key team player in the process, being able to communicate and understand all sides of the team and bring everyone together in a way that produces tangible results.


All about the doing, and checking items off their list. These guys love to get things done. Ever efficient and proficient at their jobs no one is more busy than they are.

Shepherd - List-Oriented, Ready

A Shepherd team member is ready to check off boxes on their to-do list. Once they have the necessary information, they are ready to churn out work that is polished and professional.

Hybrid Mix

A Hybrid Mix result would come from a team member showing
strong relation to traits from two different dog personas